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The Oxford BSP Toolset and Profiling system (version 0.6beta)

16th June 1997: The first official release of the library is available. See the web page here.

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Oxford BSP Toolset which conforms to the BSPWW BSPlib proposal (programs written for the Oxford BSP library version 1.2 will also work with the toolset). Sources and binaries are freely available by anonymous FTP; details below.

We run mailing lists for toolset users; to subscribe, send mail to Bug reports should be sent to

Jonathan Hill 20th August 1996

Table of contents

  1. How to get the toolset
  2. Available platforms
  3. What's new in this release
  4. Coming soon
  5. Schedule for next release

How to get the toolset

This release is available by anonymous FTP in the directory

bsplib_toolset_0.6beta.ANNOUNCE Ascii version of this file. Installation and users guide
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta.tar.gz The source distribution; about 700K
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_CRAYT3D.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a Cray T3D. Unpack and go!
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_SGICHALL64.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a SGI PowerChallenge. Unpack and go!
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_SP2.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a IBM SP2. Unpack and go!
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_SGI.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a SGI Workstation. Unpack and go!
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_SunOS.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a Sun Workstation (Suns 4.1.x). Unpack and go!
bsplib_toolset_0.6beta_Solaris.tar.gz Basic binary distribution for a Sun Workstation (Solaris). Unpack and go!
bsplib_contrib.tar.gz Directory of BSPlib programs. This comes bundled with the full source of the library.
bsplib_contrib/ Untarred version of the contrib directory for browsing.
papers/ Updated version (August 96) of the BSPlib proposal. The final version should be available soon.
papers/ Questions and answers paper about BSP. The paper contains a section on using BSPlib.

Available platforms

Two factors guide the installation of the toolset: (1) the machine architecture and operating system release; and (2) the type of device used as the communication medium. To date, the tested architectures are:

The tested communication devices are shown below. It should be noted, that only a small subset of the cross-product of architectures and devices are valid builds of the toolset.

What's new in this release (0.6beta)

  1. Inquiry functions for s,l,g, and nhalf. Remember to #include "bsp_level1".
  2. New collective communications (bsp_bcast, bsp_fold, bsp_scan) that adapt depending upon the value of a machines l and g. The prototypes are:

  3. An implementation for the T3D. It hasn't been fully tested yet, so it probably contains a few bugs :-(
  4. Extra command line arguments to bspfront/bspcc/bspf77/bspc++. In particular, the toggles for sanity checking and resource friendly barriers have been separated from the -O{1,2,3} optimisations:

    -flibrary-level <integer> There are three different levels of library available:
  5. Fixed some bugs. In particular:
  6. The only known bugs at the moment are (these will be changed by next release):
    1. CRAY: Communication on the Cray has to be in word sized chunks. This will be changed into byte chunks as in the proposal.
    2. CRAY: bsp_put and bsp_get's interfere with each other, as opposed to all the gets occurring before the puts as in the proposal.
    3. GENERAL: bsp_put and bsp_get from and into the same process take effect immediately and not at the end of the superstep.

Coming soon

  1. Manual pages
  2. New platforms: Windows NT, Fujitsu AP1000
  3. Shrinking of the profiling data output
  4. Threads implementation that allows real DRMA between processes (i.e., start p threads, which will all share the same address space. Then remap their address spaces so that they are all disjoint, thus simulating standard processes. However, they will now be able to play with each others address space).
  5. NOW version including ATM specific communications.

Schedule for next release

October 96 (i.e., after my holidays in Sept ;-)

The Oxford BSP Toolset is a product of the BSP Programming Environment, a UK Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council project in the Portable Software Tools for Parallel Architectures Programme. Our partners in this enterprise are British Aerospace Sowerby Research Centre and NAG Ltd.

© Oxford Parallel 1996
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