The BSP Programming Library

Jonathan M. D. Hill(1)
Bill McColl (1)
Dan C. Stefanescu (2,3)
Mark W. Goudreau (4)
Kevin Lang (5)
Satish B. Rao (5)
Torsten Suel (6)
Thanasis Tsantilas (7)
Rob Bisseling (8)

(1) University of Oxford
(2) Harvard University
(3) Suffolk University
(4) University of Central Florida
(5) NEC Research Institute, Princeton
(6) Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
(7) Columbia University
(8) Utrecht University

Parallel Computing, Elsevier Science, 1998

The BSPlib definition is available at a number of WWW servers and ftp sites around the world. There are two versions of the document available, one containing example programs in C, and the other in Fortran 77. However, both versions of the document contain the prototypes for the BSPlib definitions in both C and Fortran.

Institution Location Examples
BSP Worldwide Oxford, England C, F77
Harvard University Cambridge, MA C, F77
Suffolk University Boston, MA C, F77
University of Central Florida Orlando, FL C, F77
Utrecht University The Netherlands C, F77

Jonathan Hill
Last updated: September 30th 1998